Our local growers, Second Nature Organics now has an online organic store. 

History of the farm 

The farm has been in the Costantini family since the 1950s. Pioneers, Mike and Betty Costantini settled in Narangba, north of Brisbane. Mike was a farmer in his home region of Abruzzo, Italy.

It is now an Australian Organic, A-Grade certified organic farm. The farm produces a variety of small crops, including kale, silver beet, cucumbers tomatoes, beans, eggplants and herbs.

In addition, the farm hosts educational tours and open days. This is all part of sharing their commitment and passion for organics, good food and health.

‘We love our name Second Nature”, says Farm Manager, Elicia O’Brien.

“We think it’s only natural to be able to enjoy quality, wholesome food.

“I’m proud to be an organic grower, and making such an important difference to people’s lives”, she says.

Second Nature is not your average farm.  There is a deep-rooted passion here to be connected to the community.

Committed to our community 

As part of that vision, the farm offers employment and training opportunities for young people with disabilities.

Working with disability employment provider, the team hosts horticultural students. Furthermore, it offers employment experience to those in need.

This is a strong reflection of the farm’s philosophy of inclusiveness.

Participants undertake a variety of tasks including planting, picking, watering, applying organic fertilisers and mulch and helping manage pests and weeds.

Online Store 

All of this supports the production of certified organic produce, home delivered to local customers through the company’s online store www.secondnatureorganics.com.au

The store offers everything grown at the farm at farm-gate prices. This means fresh, local organic produce. In addition, it also offers a vast selection of certified organic and natural products.

The fresh organic deliveries are to the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales regions.

As a result, the community can now support job placements for young people with disabilities.

Every box sold helps to create employment and training opportunities for young locals. 

“Organics is ideal for anyone who values their health and people with health conditions who need a chemical-free diet and lifestyle, says Elicia.

“Our online store offers products from our farm and from other certified organic producers.

“The result is a superb selection of customers of organic foods and lifestyle products”, she says.

Second Nature’s organic farming techniques are all about keeping it simple and we have a 4 stage philosophy. This includes Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy Food and Healthy Environment.

Our farming practices 

At the farm, a simple four-stage philosophy is adopted.

This starts with healthy soils – nutrient enriched and full of life.

Then come Healthy plants – dense with nutrients because they are grown the old fashioned way. Healthy plants are more-able to fend off pests and diseases. This means less need for sprays.

It’s only natural, that healthy plants create healthy food. Food that is dense with the vital nutrients we all need for optimum alkalinity and health.

Finally, organics is also about respect for the environment. No toxic agricultural chemicals are here to enter and pollute the soil waterways. Rather, the earth is enriched and respected. 

Read more about the farm’s Organic practices here.

“Like all organic farms, nothing is easy. For example, it’s harder and takes more work to grow things organically.

“But we just wouldn’t have it any other way”, says Elicia

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